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Empowering our clients with decades of proven success, our Employment Practice Group understands the intricacies of California employment law and we advocate for employee rights in the following areas:

  • Single and multi-plaintiff discrimination claims based on gender, race, national origin, pregnancy, disability, and age;

  • Wrongful termination claims, including constructive termination claims;

  • Disparate treatment claims and disparate impact claims;

  • Harassment;

  • Retaliation;

  • Single and multi-plaintiff PAGA claims;

  • Wage and Hour claims;

  • Independent Contractor and Misclassification claims;

  • Whistleblower claims.

If you believe that you are being discriminated against, harassed, or are experiencing sexual harassment or violence in the workplace, it is important to contact an experienced employment attorney to help you determine your rights. 

Also, if you have not been paid your proper wages, including overtime or minimum wage you may be entitled to recover monies owed to you.  Schedule a free consultation with Manahan O’Dell LLP by calling us at (949)799-8002.

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